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We set an appointment to come to you, at your convenience. We are local, serving Los Angeles and all Southern California.

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When we see the car we tell you exactly what we would pay and if agreed, then we complete paperwork, issue payment and have the car picked up the same day.

"What is My Car Worth?"

Find out your used car value in todays's tight used car market. Call EasyCashForCars.com or fill out our online form to get a fast, fair and free no obligation quote. We pay the highest price for your car. Tell us year, make, model, condition and with our state of the art computer programs that track used car values combined with our more than 30 years of used auto sales experience here in Los Angeles, our contacts and relations we have established with other dealer networks, auto auctions and our own sales activity, we can accurately determine your used car value in the market place.

We Buy and Sell Used Cars and Trucks

Our car buying customers are always looking for used vehicles of every type, so we are ALWAYS on the lookout for all kinds of cars trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats and more. What that means is, we pay the HIGHEST PRICE for used cars, trucks, SUVs, economy cars to luxury cars, late models to classics, family cars to sports cars, performance and AMERICAN muscle cars!

Get a free expert appraisal of your used car value now. We are a licensed and bonded California Used Car Dealer and we will tell you what your car is worth, pay highest price and professionally handle all DMV work for YOU! If you're ready to sell a car with no hassle, call 800-985-9297 and get a free, no obligation quote to get cash for your car now.


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Sell Us Your Car

Get cash for your car today the Easy Cash For Cars way! No hassle. Less stress. Why bother trying to sell your used car privately? You won't have to take all weekend cleaning up your car, making repairs and getting it ready to show lookie-loo buyers. Add to that the out of pocket expenses to advertise the car so you're not just wasting time, but money, too. Then, you wait around until someone calls to make an appointment to see the vehicle, only to find out you have to change your entire schedule around to show your car to a prospective buyer who may or may not show up. Who needs the hassle? Sell your used car, truck or SUV to us today for more cash and less stress.

After you fill out our online form, we can get started on an offer for your used vehicle immediately. We understand your time is important, which is why we pride ourselves on providing you the best offer possible in a timely fashion.

Selling your used car can be simple and easy!

If you wish to sell a used automobile in Southern California area, follow these easy steps:
• Call us at 800-985-9297 or fill out our online form
• Supply any need documentation or information requested
• Receive your offer. Its that easy!

Save Time and Money

Easy Cash For Cars is designed to make selling your used car a simple, safe and streamlined process. We do everything we can to avoid unnecessary delays by requesting all the important information up front. We work hard to put together your offer quickly, so you can get on with your busy life. Contact us today....you'll be happy when you sell car for cash.

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